The Dunbar Builders Experience

Our Home Building Process

At Dunbar Builders, we know that the better you understand the home building process, the better your home building experience will be. That is why we are committed to walking with you through the entire custom home building process.

While each custom home building experience is unique, there is a step-by-step process that we follow to keep each project on time and on budget. Below is a brief outline of what you can expect during the home building process:

Our custom home building process makes the difference

Budget Planning

Before beginning the building process, carefully consider your budget for this new home. What can you afford? Do you have a financial cushion for changes along the way? Having a set budget in mind before you begin building helps keep your costs in line.

Lot Selection

Once you decide to build your custom home, it’s time to decide where you want to live. Are you looking for a lot in an already developed community, or do you own land of your own? If you own land, it is important to keep in mind costs associated with preparing it for construction.

Choosing a Plan

Dunbar Builders will help you with a plan designed specifically to meet your family’s needs. It is important to consider such items as closet placement, room size, hall space, and other area dimensions that will affect the home's livability.

Personal Selections

Now it’s time to make your home truly unique. Reflect your own personal style by choosing decorative selections from our trusted group vendors, suppliers and interior designers. Click here to see our selections partners.

Home Construction

Building begins! Dunbar Builders will meet with you throughout the building process to keep you informed about the progress of your home and what step is coming next.