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Using Shiplap Walls

July 12, 2016


What is Shiplap?

According to Houzz.com, Shiplap is "an exterior cladding or interior wood paneling similar in look to tongue and groove planks. A rabbet or groove cut at the end of the boards allows them to overlap and still lie flush when assembled. Although not as strong as a tongue and groove joint, the loose connection assists with temperature and humidity changes, allowing for expansion of the wood. Shiplap is most commonly found on exteriors, though many people are discovering they like the casual look for home interiors."

How has Dunbar used Shiplap?

We used ship lap in this house here to create a more casual, farmhouse look. Shiplap gives walls an architectural dimension that adds character to your home.

To see more examples of shiplap walls, visit Houzz.com's gallery here.