Dunbar Builders + Justin Pepper House

Dunbar Builders is a proud supporter of Justin Pepper House, a not-for-profit organization that​​​​ provides a Christian-based housing option for displaced families. The organization was created in memory of Justin, and has served many families for over a decade. Justin Pepper House collaborates with other ministries in our community that can help with food, life-skills, and location of any additional resources as needed.

Currently, Dunbar Builders is working with Justin Pepper House in the project described below -


Here's what Justin Pepper House has said about the project:

"Justin Pepper House has enjoyed helping many women and children in need over the past 13 years. We are, therefore, very excited to add a second cottage on our 3-acre campus to help even more families!

Joyce's Home, named after a very special friend of Justin Pepper House, will be a 1200 sf (approx), three-bedroom home.

We are blessed to be working with Dunbar Builders, but will be using volunteers for certain projects during the build. If you would like to participate, please let us know!"

To stay up to date on the progress of the project, please follow Justin Pepper House on Instagram here: https://www.instagram.com/justinpepperhouse.

The Ins and Outs of Unfinished and Prefinished Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors - we all love them. Our clients want them in most every room - even in bathrooms - for the durability and warmth they provide in a home. There are so many kinds to choose from, and to add to all the many options, prefinished wood flooring is now a highly favorable option! Even if you don’t know what prefinished wood flooring is, we are certain you have recently seen it in design magazines, Houzz, Pinterest boards, and other interior design sites. Prefinished floors are currently a widely popular choice. Unfinished and prerefinished hardwood flooring both have advantages. The question is: are prefinished hardwood floors the future, or will we continue to see traditional unfinished hardwood flooring as well?

If you are building a new home or remodeling a home, you basically have two options for hardwood flooring: unfinished or prefinished hardwood flooring. Many of our customers at Dunbar Builders ask us which is better, and our response is that they both have advantages!

Let’s break down the differences between unfinished and prefinished hardwood flooring

Unfinished hardwood flooring

  • It is raw hardwood that has to be installed, then sanded, then refinished on-site.
  • Aesthetically, there is no comparison to the beauty, uniqueness and warmth of unfinished hardwood flooring finished on-site by one of our expert craftsmen.
  • It is flush, doesn't have beveled edges.
  • When installed, sanded, and finished/ stained on site, there are no lines between the boards.
  • It results in a perfectly flat, smooth floor.
  • It looks like real wood - like a work of art.
  • It takes several days to a week to be able to walk on it after installation and put furniture on floor.
  • Sanding creates a lot of dust.

Prefinished hardwood flooring

  • It's been finished, sanded, stained, and coated with polyurethane in a factory.
  • The craftsman only has to install it by cutting and nailing to the subfloor.
  • Hardwood boards are finished individually in the factory which creates a beveled edge on the sides of the boards.
  • After installation, each board will have a visible line between it which means floors aren’t completely flat.
  • Installing it is a much faster process (you can walk on it or put furniture on it right after it’s installed!).
  • It leaves no chemical smell because it’s treated in the factory.
  • Installing it creates less mess and less dust.
  • It usually costs less with reduced labor costs.

Let’s get back to the aesthetics and some facts about each:

Unfinished hardwood flooring

  • The possibilities are nearly unlimited with color and shade.
  • There are many species of wood available.
  • Innumerable stain colors.
  • Lots of finish options.
  • We can get more creative with effects like wire brushed, hand scraped, even blue and green floors!
  • Finished by hand.
  • More uniform look.
  • Finish takes longer to cure.

Prefinished hardwood flooring

  • Possibilities are more limited.
  • Fewer wood species to choose from.
  • Fewer color options.
  • Fewer finish options.
  • Creative effects are possible, but not as authentic looking as real craftsmanship exhibited in wood.
  • Finished in a factory.
  • May show variations in finish where beveled edges occur.
  • Less vapors.
  • Factory finishes are very durable.
  • Often come with lifetime warranty.
Prefinished Hardwood Floors

We are asked by our clients at Dunbar Builders when choosing between the two types of flooring what happens when the floors need to be refinished. Over time, we have found that both types will get scratches and wear on the surface - this is simply normal wear and tear. Unfinished flooring that has been treated with polyurethane can be buffed and recoated every few years to bring the top coat back to life and remove surface scratches. If our homeowners maintain their hardwood flooring well, and do this process when needed, they should never need a complete sanding!

This buff and coat process is not an option for prefinished floors. Though prefinished flooring can be sanded down to raw wood, due to the high number of polyurethane coats administered in the factory, the wood has to be sanded down deeper into the material than unfinished hardwood flooring. A prefinished floor therefore cannot be re-sanded as many times as an unfinished hardwood floor.

Our Conclusion

Dunbar Builders installs both prefinished and unfinished hardwood flooring in the homes we build. And yes, we do enjoy using both! We tell our homeowners that at the end of the day, they are the ones who will live with the hardwood flooring. They will lay their eyes on their choice daily. Hardwood flooring isn’t inexpensive, so choose what best reflects your personal style and taste! After all, it is your home, your haven, your style, and Dunbar Builders is happy to build a home which reflects just that!

Building a Beautiful Custom Home on Lake Murray

Should you build or buy? It’s up to your needs and budget, but building a custom home on Lake Murray has plenty of upsides. Building a home allows you to be able to put together a home that you want, instead of buying and trying to renovate someone else’s house.

Build a custom home on Lake Murray

One Lake, Loads of Options

Lake Murray SC consists of many different neighborhoods and towns to select for your new home. You will definitely have a lot of options with regard to areas where you can plant yourself.

Create a wishlist for yourself. Include the kind of home you want, the location, and other criteria that are important to you. Then, once you have that wishlist, take a look around different areas and neighborhoods, and tick the boxes on your list. You may need to make some compromises, but don’t be surprised if you stumble upon the perfect place when you least expect it.

Explore custom floor plans...

A Little About Lake Murray

Lake Murray, SC is a large, gorgeous lake situated on the Saluda River in the Midlands of South Carolina. Covering four different counties (Lexington, Richland, Newberry, and Saluda), it is located near the towns of Lexington and Chapin. Lake Murray is just up the interstate from South Carolina’s capital, Columbia, a metropolitan area with more than 800,000 residents.

Lake Murray is well known for its coves, small islands, and the Saluda Dam (commonly called the Lake Murray Dam). The Saluda Dam is approximately 1.5 miles long (perfect for your morning run) and 220 feet high. At 41 miles long and 14 miles wide, Lake Murray was one of the world's largest man-made reservoirs when it was first completed. It even serves as a primary source of hydroelectric power for the region.

The Benefits of the City, on the Lake 

If you do a little bit of research, you'll see that you'll never be too far away from Columbia and the surrounding towns. If that is one of your factors when choosing where to live and buy or build a home, you'll see that you won’t be sacrificing many of the necessities that you are currently used to having by living in the city. To get to the nearest town or city, it will only take you around a fifteen to twenty-minute drive. Further, local schools in the Lake Murray area are very highly regarded, both public and private. All are well-arranged and nearby to local residents of the area, providing diverse academic offerings for students of all ages.

There’s a Lot to Like (and do) on Lake Murray 

No matter what you love to do, Lake Murray has you covered. The lake features many parks, natural sights, and events.

Dreher Island State Park offers a recreation area, where you can camp with the whole family.  Sailing is a tradition on Lake Murray, with clubs hosting annual regattas and events. The lake has a great reputation for fishing and regularly hosts tournaments for largemouth bass. The striper fishing is regarded as some of the best in the country and during the fall runs, you’ll see plenty of anglers on the water.

If you prefer the river, grab your rod and reel and go after trout, striped bass, and smallmouth bass on the nearby waterways of the Saluda River, Broad River, and Congaree River.

If you’re looking for ways to relax or explore nature, these are great places for kayakers, tubers, and anyone who enjoys time on the water.

Holidays are a sight to behold on Lake Murray. July 4th and Memorial Day fireworks are part of the culture, along with the many boaters who take advantage of the beautiful summer weather. The summers are full of music festivals like Reggaetronic and Drift Jam. If concerts aren’t your thing, you’ll feel right at home cruising and enjoying the water.

Part of the natural beauty found on Lake Murray is the Purple Martins, which roost seasonally on Bomb Island. Adding to the marvel is the fact that this island was used to train bombing crews during World War II. You’ll find these birds filling the evening skies as they make their temporary home. It’s the first official sanctuary for Purple Martins in North America.

There’s more to Lake Murray than just the water. The history, beauty, and activities make it a lifestyle of its own (it’s called lake life for a reason!).

Living the Lake Murray Life 

Lake Murray in South Carolina is an ideal place to settle down, raise a family, or retire. You’ll have all the benefits of scenic lake living, with plenty to do when you’re not on the water. Downtown Columbia offers several entertainment options and great restaurants. From minor league baseball to college football, there’s plenty to do around the lake.

Columbia has a vibrant arts and culture scene. The Columbia Museum of Arts has an extensive art collection and regularly features historic pieces; most recently showcasing select works of Van Gogh. The Koger Center for the Arts is the place to be for those who love theater and drama. And Colonial Life Arena is a frequent stop for some of the biggest names in music and entertainment.

Columbia is centrally located. Charleston, Charlotte, and Atlanta are only an interstate away and an easy day trip. The Columbia Metropolitan Airport is very accessible with many direct flights to US cities and connections to Atlanta and Charlotte for international trips.

Hop aboard your kayak, boat, or your stand-up paddleboard and take advantage of all the activities this wonderful lake provides. Take a stroll along lakefront trails, grab a bite at waterfront bars and restaurants, like Liberty on the Lake and Catfish Johnny's, or head into Columbia or Lexington for great local venues. Lake Murray living means you have the best of the South right outside your front porch.

Your Dream Isn’t as Expensive as You Thought 

One of the best parts of Lake Murray life? The cost of living. It’s comparatively low, meaning you have additional flexibility when it comes to your budget (go ahead and add that outdoor kitchen to your dream home). There is no shortage of options when it comes to homes. Each is unique and you’ll find a place that is exactly what you need and likely well within your means. You can go with a new build, or renovate an existing home.

Choosing Dunbar Builders to Build on Lake Murray

When you’re looking to build a custom home, you want to work with experts. People who know the area and how to make your dream come true. That’s what we do here at Dunbar Builders. We’re experts on building homes on Lake Murray. Our job is to build the home you want and take the burden off of you. We’ve been building custom homes in Columbia, SC since 1994. We have a few awards for the work we do, but the real reward is in creating the homes that our clients dream of.

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Our Process is Designed for You 

We know each situation and person is unique. So here’s how we work. We create a step-by-step process that fits your timeline and budget. First, we work with you to pick the custom home floor plan that is perfect for you. Then we move on to making the additions and changes that will make your custom home uniquely yours. Finally, we begin construction. We’ll keep you updated in each phase as we build your new Lake Murray home.

A Great Investment Opportunity 

You can be confident in your investment on Lake Murray. As Columbia and the Midlands continue to grow, your property will continue to rise in value. To get a full picture of your investment, it’s best to speak with a local realtor and other professionals to determine the long-term potential of your home.

Let’s Build Something Together 

Dunbar Builders has been building custom homes for more than 25 years. That’s a quarter-century of experience that you can trust. Let’s work together to make your Lake Murray dream home a reality.

What’s the Difference Between a Custom Home Builder and a Semi-custom Home Builder?

Custom Home Builder Columbia SC - Dunbar Builders

A custom home builder works with you to design and build your dream home. The process starts with a meeting on your lot, then continues with planning a home that meets your specific needs, vision, and budget. Custom home builders usually have long-standing relationships with trusted subcontractors who can create exactly what’s in your mind. A semi-custom builder may be able to provide some of these things but tends to have limited options and experience that it takes to build a true custom home.

The Advantages of Split Master Bathrooms

My grandmother used to say what saved her marriage was having separate bathrooms in her master suite. His space/her space meant separate room for dressing, not having to share counter space or sinks, and the best for last: not having to share the toilet. Hallelujah!

Two separate bathrooms in a master bedroom are quite a luxury, but Dunbar Builders builds master bathrooms where each person gets his or her own space within the master bath, unless of course you’d like two separate bathrooms - we’ll build that too. And if you can't do either, we've got great ideas on how to give everyone breathing room.

Two Separate Vanities in the Master Bathroom

If building two separate spaces or bathrooms isn't in the budget, how can a master bath be signed so that a couple quit jockeying for elbow room in a master bathroom?

Dunbar Builders can configure the layout so that at a minimum, more space is provided for a couple through having separate vanities. Designating separate vanities is a game changer! Women have more room to style their hair, lay out jewelry, beauty products, and apply makeup. In a master bath, there’s nothing like the gift of counter space for women to spread their products out (you know how all our things tend to expand horizontally). Men end up with their own zone to shave, and well - do whatever it is they do to get ready.

Ultimately for men, having a separate vanity means they don’t get kicked out of the bathroom, which saves them time, and keeps them from jockeying for space! Separate vanities in a master bath provide a both a functional and efficient layout for busy couples.

When you can have two separate zones in the master bathroom

Dunbar Builders has designed master bathrooms so that each person gets his or her own space, where everything is separate except for the shower. Talk about saving a marriage! Designating separate vanities is a game changer, but designating separate his-and-her zones altogether within the master bath is hitting the motherlode! Dunbar Builders has configured bathrooms so that not only are the vanities separate, but the closet and dressing areas are separate as well. Carving out space for separate closets is a detail we at Dunbar Builders love to include in our floor plans. We also design master bath footprints where the wife’s zone has a tub placed close to her vanity, and the husband’s zone has a shower placed close to his vanity. One can dream…

We know how to configure space to give everyone room to move

If homeowners don’t have the luxury of including completely separate his-and-her bathrooms or zones in their master bath plans, they need not fret. Dunbar Builders can prevent a couple from feeling boxed-in and finding themselves elbow to elbow at a vanity by designating separate sinks or vanities within their master bath. This layout is functional, efficient, and like my grandmother said, it just might help to keep the peace in a marriage!

Lexington Lake Living

This recently completed home on Lake Murray contains a unique blend of amenities along with wormwood cabinets, stone, reclaimed wood, and more.

Are We Seeing the Decline of the Formal Living Room?


Remember the days of “take your shoes off in the living room, and don’t put your feet on the nice furniture?” You might even recall a plastic covering on your grandma's chintz sofa reminding you that the living room, and its contents, was a “special room.” Fast forward to the days of our parents - the living room became the room we rarely spent time in, the room reserved for family meetings, or perhaps book club. Presently, if a formal living room exists in a home, homeowners often show it to their guests and say, “this is our living room; we are never in here.” This brings us to a highly relevant topic in home construction: are we seeing the decline of the formal living room?

Rarely does a living room make the cut

Dunbar Builders has many clients who ask us to build their home without a formal living room, and you have probably already noticed this room seems to be on the decline in most homes, especially in new construction. Dunbar Builders always ask our clients the top things they want in a home, and rarely does a living room make the cut. Why, you ask?

The homes we build are often centered around the concept of an open layout, and larger rooms instead of smaller, choppy rooms. With the passing of time, design tastes have changed, and with them, out went the formal living room. Open concepts provide a more practical layout for families, which is why Dunbar Builders often excludes this room from our plans altogether.

Inviting people into the heart of the home

Gone are the days of formal entertaining in the living room. We simply don’t have the time, nor do we have the desire. Instead of inviting guests into the special, delicate, formal, reserved-for-special-occasions room, we invite them into the heart of our home, the kitchen and the family room.

The rise of the home office

Asking for a home office to be incorporated into the plans is a top request we get at Dunbar Builders. With the continued growth of technology and the move toward global and vertical markets, more and more of our clients are working from home, and therefore need a functional home office, not a living room that’s never used. Not only is the amount space in a home important, but how the space will be used has become increasingly more important!

Open concept floor plans

Some homeowners have also requested Dunbar Builders exclude formal dining rooms from the building plans. Instead they opt for a larger kitchen, with built-in banquettes backed with lots of pillows, where family and friends can comfortably gather around a large table. Building a large sized kitchen by removing the common wall between the kitchen and the dining room has changed the way we gather for meals, the way we interact with one another. Guests tend to linger longer when a room says “come in, relax, stay a while.”

Dunbar Builders loves creating homes with larger and more functional rooms, often found in open concept plans. We understand the need to make space productive this day and age. Dunbar Builders understands that how you want to use the space, and how you want it to feel is just as important, if not more important, than the quantity of space. Are we chronicling the decline of the formal living room? Yes, perhaps we are. But don’t fret! If you feel stuck with a living room you never use, take that room, make it productive, make it functional by turning it into -

  • a home office (have it wired for Wifi, throw in a desk and a desk chair)
  • a playroom (install cubbies and hooks for kid gear and use baskets for corralling toys)
  • a second family room (use comfortable furniture, install a flat screen above the fireplace or mantel, or drop your child’s video gaming equipment in there)

Voila! Your formal living room will no longer be dead space. It will become a space you use and enjoy. It will become a room you actually spend time in - the way it should be!

Do You Need to Hire an Interior Decorator for Your Custom Home? 6 Things to Consider…

At Dunbar Builders, we’ve discovered during our many years in home construction that some homeowners love interior design and decorating. They have colossal amounts of tear-outs from design magazines they can’t wait to show us. They have created interior design boards all over their Pinterest and Houzz accounts. These homeowners know what they want in a home, and what they don’t. Dunbar Builders has built homes for these design-lovers. They feel confident about selecting finishes from hardwood flooring to tile, and everything in between. They simply don’t want or need the guidance and direction a decorator provides. Give them a decorating challenge, and they will to fly with it! They don’t need to hire an interior decorator.

But what if the design process overwhelms you? What if you walk into a design showroom and develop “design paralysis?” The endless options in the design world make you want to turn around in a flooring, tile, furniture, or any design store, and walk right back out. If this describes you, you are just the kind of homeowner who would benefit from hiring a decorator.

6 Reasons you may want to hire an interior decorator for your custom home

1 – You’ve got limited time

Let’s face it: we are only given so many hours in a day, and pulling a home together takes time; executing your style takes time. Hiring a decorator to handle the design details of your home actually saves you just that – time. A decorator knows where to best source what you need for your home, and has a wide availability of resources. This saves you time on researching, pricing, and shopping.

2 – Save money

Yes, it seems counterintuitive that spending money on a decorator saves you money, but hiring one can do just that. Hiring a decorator can save you from making costly mistakes. When you enlist the services of a design professional, you actually increase the value of your home. Dunbar Builders has seen that homeowners who hired a decorator set their homes above competition in the market when it comes time to sell. Less time on the market means more money in your pocket. And when your home is aesthetically pleasing, you’re going to increase the number of buyers who come through your door.

3 – Stay on a budget

A good decorator will help keep you on a budget since, as we all know, furnishing and decorating your home can get pricey. A good decorator will be up front about hourly rates, and provide estimates for your review before starting the project. And a great decorator knows how to be resourceful and creative when you’re edging near the budget.

4 – Have a liaison

This one is huge! Decorators serve as liaisons between the homeowner and the contractor. A decorator has the ability to foresee mistakes before they are made because they are trained to! A decorator should serve as a strong bridge between the contractor and you. Understanding how the homeowner will live in the home once it’s finished enables the decorator to help the homeowner avoid design misses. If furniture will float within the floor plan, a decorator can spec the need for an electrical outlet to go in the middle of the room where the sofa will float. If large-scaled pendants have been selected for over the kitchen island, the decorator knows where the openings in the ceiling should be correctly placed to drop them above the island. Traffic flow, a paint schematic for the entire home, paint finishes, light fixtures, hardware selections, and cabinet styles are just several of the many ways an interior decorator comes in and serves as a bridge for want the homeowner wants, and how the contractor can best integrate these design elements into the home.

5 – A trained eye

Decorators just have that knack for knowing when something is right or wrong within a space. They can tell you what to use, keep, repurpose, and what to edit from the room. This is simply the result of years of experience (which trains their eye), plus it’s their passion. Even if you simply need someone to act as a sounding board before making a decision, an interior decorator is exactly who can help!

6 – Wow factor

Last, but not least (and it just so happens to be our favorite at Dunbar Builders), a decorator sets homes apart from others by giving your home that wow factor. It is said that “God is in the details,” and decorators are schooled in executing all the details in order to achieve an overall beautiful aesthetic. They not only help your home look finished, they help it look unique!

During the construction process, Dunbar Builders has worked with homeowners who have enlisted the help of a professional decorator, and those who haven’t. We’ve had plenty of success with both sets of clients. The bottom line is if you feel confident in making the many design selections throughout your home, and you have the time to do it, then go for it; we can offer input and suggestions along the way. Yet seldom have we built a home where the homeowner has not benefited from hiring a decorator. A decorator handles the design details of your home, and makes it beautiful by giving it a pulled together, cohesive, finished, warm and inviting look. A decorator gives you the gift of a beautiful home, and by taking on all the design details of the home, the gift of time. And what better gifts to receive!?

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Stone In and Around Your Home – Cultured or Natural?

We get asked the question a lot - if using stone in and around a home, should you use cultured or natural stone?

The look of stone has long been admired in both building and landscape design. There’s something about stone that makes us pause and take in its beauty. Stone connects us to history. It feels other-worldly. It provides a quiet, yet strong architectural element. Stone is simultaneously sophisticated and inviting. Stone also provides beautiful texture in the homes and landscapes we create at Dunbar Builders. Stone comes in a vast array of colors and shapes - the aesthetic options are endless. A stone fireplace, whether indoors or out, makes you want to grab a blanket, pull up right beside it, and get horizontal. A home with a stone exterior, a stone chimney, a stone wall, or a stone driveway makes you want to discover more about the home; it makes you want to go inside.

Now that we have convinced you how awesome stone is, let’s address the original: which is the better choice, cultured (synthetic) stone or natural stone?

First, a little more education on each:

Natural Stone

Natural Stone is just what you would think it is - a stone made by nature. Natural stone is quarried and cut into various sizes and shapes depending on what it will be used for.

Cultured Stone

Cultured stone is manmade stone. Cultured stone is a mixture of cement and other components that are colored to look like real stone.

The Benefits of Using Cultured Stone in Your Home

Dunbar Builders encourages our clients to use cultured stone in the homes we build and the yards we design. Yes, we know - natural stone is real, and cultured stone is not. We get the hesitation, but there are reasons we at Dunbar Builders enjoy using cultured stone.

Lower Cost

First of all, forget that cultured stone isn’t real stone because the beauty of cultured stone has grown exponentially over the years, which means it is both natural and real-looking. Our clients realize they can now achieve the look, the feel, and the historical aesthetic of natural stone with cultured stone, and it costs less.

Less Labor

Installing cultured stone requires less labor and is easier to work with due to the cuts of the pieces. When homeowners choose natural stone, they often have to hire a specialized mason to install it in order to produce the best result possible. Another appealing factor of cultured stone is there is less waste. We are all trying to be more environmentally conscious and reduce our waste these days. Because cultured stone is manufactured, the pieces are produced to fit together better. Fewer cuts mean less waste!

No Visual Difference

There truly isn’t much of a visual difference between natural and cultured stone. Cultured stone has just as many color and shape options as natural stone. Stone manufacturers today use hand-coloring techniques that provide a very realistic look. We enjoy using cultured stone as a material in the homes we build and the landscapes we design.

After all, Dunbar Builders wants to build homes that make you stop, make you pause, make you want to come inside. And we believe we are doing just that.

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Steps to Getting the Best Bang for Your Buck for New Home Construction

As custom home builders in the Midlands of South Carolina for more than 20 years, Dunbar Builders has been building dream homes for our customers while saving them money throughout the home building process. In this article, we’ll cover the three steps involved in ensuring that you get as much value as possible for what you pay for your new custom home construction.

Step One: Hire an experienced custom home builder

In order to make sure that the home building process stays within your budget and is on schedule, it is critical to start the home building process by hiring an experienced custom home builder with a solid reputation. When you’re first building a new home, it is difficult to know where to splurge and where to hold back (and where to do both). A great home builder will guide you through the home building process and make sure you know exactly where your money is going, and why.

Step Two: Work with your builder to identify the “big ticket” items

At Dunbar Builders, we’re often asked about the price per square foot of new home construction: what all goes into that price? Our method is to give you a price that includes everything from building to landscaping – basically everything but the cost of the land itself. Also, our allowances leave room for high quality finishes, plumbing, light fixtures, flooring, and other materials. These numbers are covered in detail with the homeowner prior to construction.

Some of the big ticket items that can drive prices up include:

  • Porches
  • Windows and doors
  • Appliances
  • Other large details, such as metal roofing

It’s when you’re budgeting for these bigger expenditures that working with an experienced custom home builder can be crucial to getting the home of your dreams versus a home that has only a couple of the features you’ve dreamed of.

Step Three: Work with your builder and the subcontractors to value-engineer your new home construction

At Dunbar, we have created a solid network of high-quality subcontractors over the course of more than 20 years. Our framers, trim carpenters, plumbers, roofers, flooring providers, lighting providers, HVAC providers, tile experts, electricians, landscaping providers, etc. work with us and our customers to maintain high quality while value-engineering the building of your home. We pride ourselves on our ability to figure out design and contracting solutions that achieve looks that would otherwise be barred by budget constraints. Below are just a few examples of value engineering:

  • The tiled porch is currently a very popular look in homes. Achieving this look by laying tile can be relatively pricey when you account for the cost of the tile, the tile layer, the grout, and the time. We can achieve the same nuanced look for homeowners by scoring the concrete for your porch. Both methods result in the attractive look homeowners are looking for, but through value-engineering, we can provide the right look for the right cost.
  • Wooden garage doors are another popular, high priced feature that we can help distill the cost of through value-engineering. We’re able to create the same look using metal garage doors that are less expensive and involve far less upkeep.

In Summary

Dunbar Builders is known for our ability to create that extra “wow” value at a much lower price in large part because we work with skilled, easy-to-communicate-with, trustworthy subcontractors who specialize in custom home building. Based on the quality of their work, you might think you will have to pay extra for their services compared to other subcontractors. In reality, you will get a great deal by working with our subcontractors. Our customers benefit financially from the longevity and strength of our relationships with our subcontractors. We think you’ll feel as lucky as we do to work with these skilled, experienced subcontractors once you see the difference in quality of their work.

For more than two decades, Dunbar Builders has been helping people create the homes they have dreamed about for prices they never could have expected. Contact us to get started with your dream home!