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Foam Insulation – Facts and Advantages

December 7, 2016

Choose Foam Insulation for the Numerous Long-Term Benefits

foaminsulationWhen it comes time for you to make a decision on your home’s insulation, there are several options available. Choosing foam insulation will provide many long-term benefits.

Your heating and cooling is more than half the energy you use in your home, making it the largest energy expense you have as a homeowner (see http://energy.gov/public-services/homes/heating-cooling). So…it’s important to make the cost-effective decision when it comes to your home’s insulation.

The majority of your home’s energy can be lost due to air infiltration from gaps, holes, and air leaks that can all be prevented. Foam insulation can serve as an air sealant, sealing the holes and gaps, ultimately saving you money by preventing your heating and cooling from escaping your home.

A better sealed home has a great impact on your utility bills and energy consumption.

What is Foam Insulation?

Foam insulation is plastic foam that provides continuous insulation and air sealing barriers on your walls, around your roof, around corners, and even on curved surfaces. The foam can be sprayed or poured and is created by mixing and reacting liquid components. The foam provides moisture and vapor barriers while sealing gaps that cannot be sealed by other traditional insulations. Foam insulation can differ in how it is applied and in the type that is used.

Primary Types of Foam Insulation

Different types of foam insulation can be used for different purposes, each offering its own benefits that are appropriate for different types of buildings, projects and climates. The types of foam insulation include:

  • High Density – exterior and roofing
  • Medium Density – continuous insulation of interior and unvented attics
  • Low Density – interior and unvented attics

Benefits of Foam Insulation

  • Significant heating and cooling savings
  • Improved energy efficiency
  • Added resale value to your home
  • A healthier home
  • Reduced amount of allergens, pollutants and moisture entering your home
  • Reduced chance of mold growth
  • Improved indoor air quality
  • Added structural integrity to your home

There are both immediate and long-term benefits provided when deciding to use foam insulation in your home. The benefits truly are endless, and your initial investment will quickly offer payback as you will significantly save every month on your energy bills.

Dunbar Builders strongly recommends using foam insulation.